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The image in my logo (designed by the lovely Sadie Cramer) depicts a dragon. Initially, the decision to use the image of a dragon in this context was based largely on instinct, an image of this icon just kept re appearing on my radar while researching potential creative enterprise options to explore. In respect to my exploration of candle making, the obvious link with fire is inherently there, but it was also as an antidote to the concept of the (Celtic) Tiger that has proven to be a reckless model to base a sustainable business on. While an auspicious symbol, the tiger symbolized a can do attitude, a go-getter, but is also associated with ferocious aggression and unpredictability. The dragon on the other hand is associated with a cooler, calmer approach to things, taking the long view, being ethical and only reacting after considered and balanced reasoning. I felt, that was as good as any concept to base my logo on, in this new economic landscape we find ourselves, hanging a business concept on the right kind of principles is important from the start. The spiral form loosely references the ancient Celtic symbol that has become synonymous with Ireland – a suitably vague visual reference that identifies my brand as being Irish, but most importantly without the ‘O’ prefix that so often finds itself as an annoying associated accent!

In Chinese culture the dragon is the most auspicious of all symbols. Signifying good fortune, health and success. The dragon also is a symbol of power, strength and good luck (if you are worthy of it). It is also considered in Chinese culture that the number 9 is lucky (a number that is significant to me) and the scales of the dragon, as it happens, are associated with the number 9. It is said that the dragons posses scales of both the yin and the yang essence, with 81 and 36 scales respectively, both being multiples of 9.

So that’s the bones of the reasoning behind my logo, I hope it brings both myself and my future customers good luck and good fortune.

Many thanks again to artist Sadie Cramer for putting the concept into visual form, a talented and wonderfully zen lady based in a suitably secret and beautiful  location outside Galway city… Great to have worked with Sadie on the first realization of my chosen logo imagery (www.sadiecramer.com)Flaming Wicked Candles logo (small low res)

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