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Hygge is a Danish word that is deemed to have no direct translation, it is more to do with a feeling – comfort, coziness, happiness, togetherness. As a concept, hygge merges elements of ritual, spirituality, domesticity, contentment, pleasure, indulgence, and restorative nostalgia.[1]

Hyggehygge [hoo ga]It is a word and a concept that has tickled my imagination now for quite some time. I hope to add to this topic/post over the lifespan of this site and upload images of Scandinavian design for inspiration… As the Danes are considered one of the happiest cultures in the world, there can only be good ideas to be garnered from this exercise. The widespread everyday use of the word hygge, and the fact that it is applies to all seasons, means that there are lots of opportunities to create a sense of hygge, it is an art form, as well as an attitude, that is a big deal in Denmark. Candlelight of course is considered hygge… lots of possibilities here… #Flaming Wicked

Hygge was never meant to be translated – it was meant to be felt

ToveMaren Stakkestad


It is also an adjective…











[1] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/631343/website/bean-ambidextrous.pdf [Accessed Feb 14, 2016]

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