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Wax Luminaries, Bowls, Wall Hangings

Left of centre coming from a place well ‘outside of the box’. An eclectic selection of unusual products made from wax feature in my repertoire. Explore the potential wax holds both as a medium and as a vessel for illumination. These works are designed to be re-usable and will last as long as they are looked after. Embrace that which is different and enjoy a Hygge sensibility….

Pillar Candles

A free standing (unscented) selection of pillar candles in various styles, colors and textures to enhance any number of occasions or simply to add that sense of Hygge to your home. All pillars are made with the best quality materials available and are hand made with love…

Container Candles

Individually hand poured container candles are specially formulated using only 100% natural waxes, cotton wicks and phalate free fragrance and essential oils. These include teacup candles, aromatherapy/massage candles and candles in glass containers.


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Totally useless facts & information about candles & also Totally useful facts & information about candles

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Earth Hour

#EarthHour Ireland, 2016. Shining a light on the need to look after our environment. #FlamingWicked


Came across this wonderful painting of a single candle by Gerhard Richter. It’s true how the simplest things in life are often […]

Logo Musings…

The image in my logo (designed by the lovely Sadie Cramer) depicts a dragon. Initially, the decision to use the […]

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